Short term Summer-Program for those who study Japanese in Phnom Penh

Hello everybody,

I’m President of CBB, Masa.

Some short introduction for our new program called “Summer-Program”.


We offer each of you a program focused on Japanese.

Currently you study or not doesn’t matter.

It’s an opportunity for all of you who are interested in Japanese Language.



Term: at least a week (you can choose from a week to 12 weeks)

Place: CBB School (Cheung Prey Village, Cheung Prey Commune, Batheay District, Kampong Cham Province)

Price: R30,000/week (for your everyday-food)

Target: Those who didn’t pass N5 (if you pass N5, you better find other) / Entry-level

Age: 18-25 (university students preferred)


What makes you different?

You will live at CBB school in Kampong Cham with Japanese people.

We don’t allow you to leave a whole week (Monday-Friday), which makes you focus on study.

You don’t have Wifi, so you cannot have distraction.

Facebook & YouTube are killing your time.

Can you imagine if you stay with Japanese people all day long & you actually study 8 hours/day?


How to join?

Call/Email/Facebook us for details.




What you can study

Completion for Hiragana writing and reading

Completion for Katakana writing and reading

Introduction for entry-level Kanji

Daily conversation

Business expression

Some useful expression

Natural way to say

*Bring your textbooks if you have one.