My First Day of Internship

Today was my first day teaching in Cambodia.

Even though I have experience teaching English, I was still very nervous.

The students were very friendly though, which helped me to relax.

Unfortunately, Cambodian names are very difficult for me to remember.

Khmer is very different from English and Japanese, so it will be difficult for me. Nonetheless, I’m excited for another day tomorrow.

In general, teaching English here is very different from teaching English in Japan.

I teach in an elementary school and junior high school in Japan.

I’m expected to keep the classes fun for the kids by playing games.

I attempted to play a couple of games with the Cambodian students, and I failed miserably.

I think one of the reasons is because I can’t speak any Khmer.

My Japanese is really bad, but it’s good enough to help the Japanese students to understand if they are unable to understand my English.

I will try my best to adjust to the differences in teaching between Japanese and Cambodian students.

I hope that tomorrow will be more beneficial for the students.

Today, many of the students were studying hiragana and katakana.

Some of the students asked me to help them study.

I felt like I did well. Luckily I know how to read hiragana and katakana.

I learned a couple of Japanese tongue twisters today, “namamugi, namagome, namatamago,” was one of ones that I learned.

I also helped to make one of the videos today because I was able to say, “namamugi, namagome, namatamago.”

Today was a good day! I hoped that tomorrow will be even better.

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